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Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

Risk Assessment

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Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Makmom Abdullah, Ph.D

The Environmental Risk Assessment program established to evaluate the potential adverse effect of environmental contamination on the value of real property and the potential environmental liability associated with the real property. The program particular focus on environmental risk assessment will be supported by outstanding scientists, scientific staff with considerable risk assessment and regulatory expertise, and an international network of regulators and scientists from government, academia and the private sector who contribute to ENFORCE program of work. The program shall establish policies, guidelines and procedures for identifying and evaluating potential environmental contaminant present in and around a site in order to manage the effects for minimal impact to the environment. Formal set of computer-based and non-computer-based tools and methods will be utilized in ERA and training of the staff will be conducted for enhancement of knowledge transfer and awareness. Numerous types and categories of environmental risk assessments will be covered to provide industry with some understanding of what may be required by the Department Of Environment (DOE) when the organization is notified to conduct an Environmental Risk Assessment include contaminated air, water and land assessment, transport risk assessment, flood protection, product risk assessment, waste management and others.