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Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

Policy & Governance

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Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Bakri Ishak, Ph.D, MMIM

The Policy, Governance and Socio-economic unit of ENFORCE (PGSEU) was established in 2012. In general, its main focuses are on research, consultation and publications on certain specific areas of knowledge inter alia, Environmental Law and Regulations, Environmental Policy, the element of good governance concept, the element of planning and aspect of socio-economic especially on environmental issues and disputes. This unit is basically managed by several expert persons in the above areas of knowledge at the Faculty of Environmental Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia. As a matter of facts, PGSEU has also focus on the aspect of enforcement of law and regulations, environmental policy analysis, governance, ethics and socio-economic factors which mainly focus to the aspect of externality and analysis. Finally, the main target of PGSEU is to support the main aim of the Malaysian government to practice certain good environmental concept and system such as Best Practicable Environmental Option and Planning, clean production and waste minimization programme, etc.